Perry Ross at his workbench


I have always loved shinny metals and stones.

Creating beautiful works of art with them allows me to find peace and Solitude in this face paced world!

I absolutely love the versatility of copper. There are so many things I can do with it. Create Cuff Bracelets, add my own stone to the Bracelet, Braid wire strands into bracelets, Hammer wire Strands flat and create three dimensional pictures, and best of all create “Wire Tree Sculptures”.

I like to take my time when creating a “Copper wire tree Sculpture”. Using 250 – 400 wires, I will spend 15-30 hours creating a tree, mounting it on Granite stone, from Ontario, or mounting it on Drift wood from the “Cabot Trail” Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia.

I find some of my best creativity comes after playing Guitar, writing my own songs, or playing my cello. I guess one creativity feeds another.

At times, I find it hard to part with the works that I create, after spending so much time developing an idea and turning it into a work of art. I find comfort in the fact that my creation will inspire someone, and will brighten up there life a little, each time they look at it.

Perry Ross
Ross Copper Creations