Carolyn Barnett in one of her felted jackets

My knits are executed on a domestic knitting machine, this is simply a tool that can speed up the process of knitting but enables me to make lighter garments. The knitting machine was invented in 1589.
A knitting machine is a bed of 200 latched hook ‘needles’ which are operated by a carriage, which creates looped stitches the same as in hand knitting. I knit the pieces of each garment one by one then assemble by hand.
I design and create my own styles using quality wools and cottons of many colours then finishing with buttons which I make to complete the garment.
My felted jackets and vests are a newer venture and I love seeing how the colours will turn out when I dye my materials and then how they will turn out after adding silks, wools etc and finishing the felting and fulling process.
I have been a fibre artist since 1982 first with hand knitting, then taking up the machine. My felting came about 8 years ago.
All my garments have hand made closures (buttons, pins) which I make of polymer clay.