Zena Bernstein - Fine Art

Zena received her BFA degree at the Syracuse University School of Fine Arts. After graduating Zena moved to New Jersey to be near the publishers in New York City. In 1966 Zena illustrated her first book,” The Dream”; and from there she completed drawings for ten more books mostly for children and adults with some poetry.”Mrs, Frisbey And The Rats of NIMH” by Robert C O’Brien,winner of the 1972 Newbury Award,is still in print and is being published in Japan this year. Zena has won a number of awards for her drawings and illustrations. Zena’s artwork has been displayed and exhibited in a number of group and one-man shows in Syracuse, New York, Boston, Lynchburg,Virginia,Toronto, and Chicago. Zena has shown her work in Bermuda and the Bendanne Gallery in Towson,Maryland. Zena first visited the Horse Thief Bay area in 1981 and immigrated to Canada, building a house in the woods near Horse Thief Bay. That has become so dear to her. Her watercolour botanical and fantasy drawings are extremely detailed and realistically rendered in layers of rich colour that is achieved by applying layers of tonal hues, starting from the lightest and working the way to the deeper tones.Recently,Zena has worked on finishing book on fairies for young people,which will include a series of fantasy illustrations.