Sarah Dionne


Sarah Dionne

Fused Glass

Gerdine van Woudenberg


JAG Woodworking


Using a chainsaw and jaw-dropping skill, Gerdine reveals sculptures living inside felled trees.

Angela Bourbonnais


Angela has been creating soap and herbal skincare products for over 20yrs. Her emphasis is on home-grown and wild-foraged herbal infusions as well as quality, locally-sourced ingredients. All products are vegan, free from harmful toxins and packaged in zero or low-waste materials.

Jan Medcalf


White Pine Studios


Jan became quite interested in photography when she began shooting with digital cameras several years ago. She started to get out shooting more often and heading out with her camera just for the fun of making pictures.
Digital photography has allowed Jan to experiment more and try different approaches, new ideas and to attempt to capture complex lighting and exposure situations. She has learned and developed her photography from Photo Club meetings, various presentations, workshops and websites.
Jan enjoys nature, landscapes, animals, dogs, deer and especially horses.
“I shoot whatever catches my eye and my images express my own perspective.”

Pete Medcalf


White Pine Studios


Pete’s photographic interests are in creative scenics, natural landscapes and abstract photography of the 1000 Islands and surrounding areas. Digital darkroom, image processing and manipulation are his passion. Images are reflections of self expression through creative photographic arts.
Pete is a photographer with thirty plus years experience in Biological, Scientific Photography and Imaging. He is a Registered Biological Photographer and a Fellow of the Biological Photographic Association. He has received numerous local, national and international scientific photographic awards and recognition.
His images are captured digitally or on film, creatively processed in PhotoShop on Mac computers. All his images are printed on Epson inkjet printers and archival papers, inks, dyes and media to the highest quality and professional standards.

‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it.’
Ansel Adams.

Julie Dixon


Countryside Treasures


Countryside Treasures provides the highest quality beeswax products at competitive prices.

Our boutique showcases an expansive selection of handmade artisan goods.

We take pride in providing you with amazing scents to enlighten any space around your home while inspiring you to "Bee The Best You!".

​We ensure the highest quality by creating our products in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible and using only 100% pure essential oils, high grade fragrances (free from phthalates and parabens).​

Carolyn Barnett


Carolyn M. Barnett Designs


My knits are executed on a domestic knitting machine, this is simply a tool that can speed up the process of knitting but enables me to make lighter garments. The knitting machine was invented in 1589. A knitting machine is a bed of 200 latched hook ‘needles’ which are operated by a carriage, which creates looped stitches the same as in hand knitting. I knit the pieces of each garment one by one then assemble by hand. I design and create my own styles using quality wools and cottons of many colours then finishing with buttons which I make to complete the garment. My felted jackets and vests are a newer venture and I love seeing how the colours will turn out when I dye my materials and then how they will turn out after adding silks, wools etc and finishing the felting and fulling process. I have been a fibre artist since 1982 first with hand knitting, then taking up the machine. My felting came about 8 years ago. All my garments have hand made closures (buttons, pins) which I make of polymer clay.

Margot Miller


Summerhouse Studio


The studio features hand-painted and silk-screened clothing in linen and cottons, as well as painted furniture and floor-cloths. This picturesque studio is nestled in the historic village of Rockport. The flora and fauna that landscapes the St. Lawrence River, is often the source for design inspiration. Summerhouse offers workshops and custom design work.

Ian McKhann


Arrowsmith Leather


Leather is a fascinating, and sometimes frustrating, building material. It can be thin, thick, laminated, decorated, formed, fragile, or wonderfully durable. As an artist, I enjoy using leather to create items that people will enjoy and use.  Experience is a useful tool for a designer. For nearly 30 years I designed hundreds of items in leather. My work included everyday items for people, special projects for industry, television programs, and the federal government. However, most of my craft history has pertained to the participation in town festivals and the largest craft shows in Canada.

I have always loved art in its many forms but discovered the joys of working with silver when my art teacher at school encouraged me to take a course in Silversmithing at the local College of Art. I find most of my inspiration in nature and try always to have a camera close by. The Thousand Islands area is a wonderful source of ideas for artists. Each piece of jewellery is original and hand forged from sterling silver sheet and wire, with the occasional addition of a little 10K gold in the design.

Bonita Bell


 Stained Glass Mosaics by Bonita

Stained Glass

I studied at OCA in Toronto and graduated from Queen’s with a BA in Fine Arts. I started working on stained glass approximately 5 years ago and after doing several courses making lamps, etc. I fell in love with stained glass mosaics, doing personally inspired work as well as custom work from photos and specialize in working with old windows and frames. I have completed numerous works from the Group of Seven including the Jack Pine and West Wind. As I also am the proud owner of a canoe and kayak I like to do scenes involving water, canoes and life at the cottage.

Douglas MacDonald


Rue Royale Stone


Douglas has been casting a sundry of gargoyles, grotesques and a myriad of other architecturally inspired pieces for over two decades. Using processes that resemble and mimic the stone of buildings of old, Douglas brings the unique carvings patterned across their exterior walls directly into your home and garden.

Zena Bernstein


Studio at Horse Thief Bay

Visual Art/Water Colour

Zena received her BFA degree at the Syracuse University School of Fine Arts. After graduating Zena moved to New Jersey to be near the publishers in New York City. In 1966 Zena illustrated her first book,” The Dream”; and from there she completed drawings for ten more books mostly for children and adults with some poetry.”Mrs, Frisbey And The Rats of NIMH” by Robert C O’Brien,winner of the 1972 Newbury Award,is still in print and is being published in Japan this year. Zena has won a number of awards for her drawings and illustrations. Zena’s artwork has been displayed and exhibited in a number of group and one-man shows in Syracuse, New York, Boston, Lynchburg,Virginia,Toronto, and Chicago. Zena has shown her work in Bermuda and the Bendanne Gallery in Towson,Maryland. Zena first visited the Horse Thief Bay area in 1981 and immigrated to Canada, building a house in the woods near Horse Thief Bay. That has become so dear to her. Her watercolour botanical and fantasy drawings are extremely detailed and realistically rendered in layers of rich colour that is achieved by applying layers of tonal hues, starting from the lightest and working the way to the deeper tones.Recently,Zena has worked on finishing book on fairies for young people,which will include a series of fantasy illustrations.

Valerie Thomas


Spiral Journey



Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which mistakes to keep.
~ Author Unknown ~

This is all the permission I need to experiment with material, design, and process!

I’m a silversmith, Reiki Master, and rockhound, and these passions feed each other.

My pieces are made by hand, using Sterling Silver, Brass and Copper. I often include stones in my work, but will incorporate just about anything that strikes my fancy.

Everything I make is nickel free. I even make my own ear wires, so I can guarantee no nickel content.

The design is influenced by ancient symbols, geometry, and the natural world around me, giving them a timeless appeal.

Handmade ~ Unique ~ Nickel Free

Julie Dixon


Countryside Treasures

John Shea


Deborah Varley


Lime Shack Designs


Catherine Richmond


Catherine Richmond


Dawne Fiegen


Wiltse Creek